Spanish Classical Guitar Manufacturers

Many specialist classical guitar manufacturers continue to be based in Spain, with most having a long history and tradition.

Of course, other countries also build the classical guitar, and there are many fine luthiers working around the world.

The choice of guitars is enormous, which can make selection difficult, especially for beginners. 

This article will constantly grow and change as time allows. It will feature all the best Spanish Luthiers, from the builders of the lowest-priced student classical guitars to the makers of the most expensive hand-built instruments.

The classical guitar is unique, and the small independent classical guitar maker remains a significant part of the market.

Master Luthiers

Madrid's Jose Ramirez, one of the most respected classical guitar workshops, produce some of the highest quality instruments you can buy.

A long history dating back over 100 years has ensured a continuity of skills which have kept Ramirez standards so high.

Below you can see Ramirez guitars for sale.

Other Spanish classical guitar manufacturers include:

  • Vicente Carrillo of Casasimorro, known as "El Pueblo de las Guitarras" (the Town of the Guitars). The Carrillo family have made classical guitars in the town since 1836.
  • Ignacio M. Rozas is one of the many classical guitar manufacturers trained by Jose Ramirez. He's regarded as one of the finest luthiers in Spain; his guitars are played by professional players from all over the world.
  • In the beautiful city of Valencia, one of Spain's finest classical and flamenco guitar builders, Antonio Sanchez, crafts guitars for some of the worlds best classical and flamenco guitar players. Valencia is also the home of the Antonio Aparicio famous classical guitar workshop.
  • The Almansa guitar range is also highly regarded, with a good selection of affordable instruments, as well as high-grade, hand-built models for the professional player. 

Video: Jorge do Fusa on an Almansa Guitar

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Spanish Classical Guitars For Sale

Use the links below to find your next instrument! Many are available with free shipping to your location.

The selection includes vintage guitars made by master Spanish luthiers.

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