The Vicente Carrillo Classical Guitar

The saga of the Vicente Carrillo classical guitar would not have begun were it not for the Alarcon family of guitar makers. Alfonso Anselmo Alarcon was born in Casasimaro in Spain in 1744. He was the first of the Alarcan line of guitar luthiers and without his skills and drive today's Carrillo range of guitars would not exist. 

Carrillo Guitars History


The connection with the Vicente Carrillo classical guitar making family began when the last of the Alarcon line, Juan de Mata Alarcon Briones, trained Blas Carrillo Alarcon (1836-1919). He was also known by the nick name "Abuelo Moreno" which means the dark haired grandfather. Blas Carrillo Alarcon was the first guitar maker in Casasimarro who became known throughout Spain and Europe.

The skills passed on to Vicente Carrillo Lopez (1881-1962) were to create the foundation on which the present business is built. He created a unique and distinctive quality to the guitars he produced.

Family Guitar Traditions

The tradition was passed down to his son, Vicente Carrillo Cantos (1926-1970) who became famous as the great guitar maker from Cuenca. His fame earned the town of Casasimarro the name of "El Pueblo de las Guitarras". After his death in 1970 his wife, Gabriela, kept the business in tact until their son, Vicente Carrillo Casas, was able to take over.

Today the Vicente Carrillo classical guitar business is in the hands of a man regarded as one of the finest makers of classical and flamenco guitars...Vicente Carrillo Casas.

Vicente Carrillo Classical Guitar #9

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