Antonio Aparicio Classical Guitars

In the Spanish city of Valencia, Antonio Aparicio Classical Guitars are built using traditional skills combined with the latest construction methods. 

35 Years Of Experience

Antonio Aparicio has over 35 years experience as a luthier. All of the models in the guitar range feature close grained solid tops, and are built from fine quality tonewoods.

The standard range have laminated back and sides, and the instruments further up the range all have solid back and sides.

Aparicio flamenco and classical guitars are high-level instruments, sold at affordable prices. The best pairings of woods and bracing structures are chosen to define each model's desired sound.

Antonio Aparicio offers both student and professional models, constructed with either spruce or cedar tops.

Custom-Made Aparicio Guitars

Aparicio's master craftsmen offer a completely personalized guitar-making service. No matter what you want from your guitar, it's made possible and to order.

You can even ask for unusual builds, including:

  • 7-String Guitars
  • 8-String Guitars
  • 10-String Guitars

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Antonio Aparicio Classical Guitar: a high-end instrument that's affordable for most players

Antonio Aparicio Classical Guitar Videos

Here are some reviews of Antonio Aparicio guitars, as well as some really impressive performances from amateur players using their instruments.

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