Ignacio M Rozas Classical Guitars

The way that Ignacio M Rozas classical guitars are made in his small workshop will be strange to you if you are used to the world of electric or steel string acoustic guitars. 

Ignacio M Rozas classical guitars are made by one man in a workshop he shares with two other luthiers. The factories of the far east churning out thousands of guitars for big name brands are a world away from the Rozas workshop.

The History

Born in 1943, he grew up in Mesones, Guadalajara. In his youth Ignacio apprenticed as a cabinet maker in Madrid. This proved to be a good background for what was to come later.

And Then To Ramirez

When Jose Ramirez found himself in need of talented woodworkers he and his foreman, Paulino Bernabe, approached Ignacio. They offered him a job that was to change his life.

He apprenticed as a guitar maker with Jose Ramirez and worked for the master from 1959 to 1969.

A CV That Reads Like The History Of Guitar Making

In 1970 Rozas went to work for Manuel Careras. Careras, a former Jose Ramirez craftsman, had established his own workshop. Ignacio worked for Careras as a luthier making classical and flamenco guitars. He continued to work there for 17 years until 1987.

Striking Out Alone

1987 was the year that he left behind his training under Careras and Ramirez and Ignacio M Rozas classical guitars were born. Ignacio opened his own workshop. He built guitars in the shop until 2001 when he took a year out of building guitars. Where he went and what he got up to no one knows!

He now continues to build his handmade classical and flamenco guitars in a workshop he shares with Mariano Tezanos and Teodoro Perez, both former Ramirez luthiers. 

John Moore classical guitar playing a cedar top Rozas 1A

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