Antonio Sanchez
Classical Guitars

Although Antonio Sanchez classical guitars are built in a factory with a capacity to produce around ten thousand instruments a year, the company proudly maintains a traditional approach to guitar making. 

The workshop is based in Paterna. Its staff of twenty craftsmen have many decades of experience between them.

The company prides itself in a commitment quality and good production practices. 

Luthier Craftmanship Awards

After many years as a luthier in the workshops and factories of other Spanish guitar makers, Antonio Sanchez started his company, Concert, SA, in Valencia in 1984.

Its success has resulted in an award for exports in 1989 and two craftsmanship awards in 1990 and 1996.

The craftsmanship awards reflect the company's commitment to building the Sanchez classical guitars in the traditional Spanish way. 

Spain has more than its fair share of amazing classical guitar makers, but Antonio Sanchez is right up there among the best.

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Antonio Sanchez Builds Guitars

One of the ways that Antonio Sanchez stamps his personality on the guitars is that he personally selects the woods for them.

He supervises all aspects of production and personally builds the most prestigious models.

The past twenty years haven't just been about production. Constantly striving for perfection, Antonio Sanchez has studied and experimented with different woods and construction methods.

This has maintained the position of Antonio Sanchez classical guitars amongst the best produced in Spain.

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Antonio Sanchez Guitar Videos

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