Yamaha Classical Guitars

Yamaha classical guitars don't have their origins in a luthier's workshop as most Spanish guitar brands do. Instead they owe their existence to a watchmaker who had the idea of building organs. 

In 1887 Torakusu Yamaha was asked to repair a reed organ for a local school. He became so fascinated by the intricate mechanism of the instrument that he decided to build one himself. 

From Organ to Classical Guitar

The story goes that once he'd completed the build he carried it on his back to Tokyo, a 125 miles away, to show it to a well respected professor of music. The response was apparently so positive that Yamaha decided there and then to become an organ manufacturer.

Organs and pianos are what most people think of when the name Yamaha is mentioned. However, the classical guitar has played a big part in building the company's reputation as a stringed instrument maker. As with all their product range they produce instruments for beginners as well as professional musicians.

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar

The Yamaha C40 classical guitar is a good example. It's a quality instrument at a very attractive price, giving anyone on a tight budget the chance to learn to play. At the top of the range are the CG Concert Series of classical guitars which have a fine reputation amongst more advanced guitarists. 

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Demo

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