Online Classical Guitar Lessons

Online classical guitar lessons are no real substitute for one-on-one lessons with a qualified classical guitar teacher. However it's not always possible to find a teacher close to your home and it's not always convenient to fit into the guitar teacher's timetable. With that in mind I'll try to feature a number of reputable online guitar lesson websites here for you to explore. 

Get A Guarantee Before Paying


Free online lessons are usually restricted to pretty elementary stuff and for more comprehensive lessons a fee is often involved. If this is the case it's wise to make sure that there's a money back guarantee. Even if the lessons are good they might not suit you and it's important that you don't waste your money. If you Google online classical guitar lessons you'll get a good selection of websites to explore. Make your choice carefully and then work hard.

This site looks pretty good. There's a good amount of free stuff on it and the fees for the more comprehensive lessons look pretty reasonable. However I can't see a any kind of guarantee on the site so it might be a good idea to email them for clarification before you sign up for any paid lessons. Visit for more information.

This site offers online video lessons for 24.95 a year. Taught by Professor Gregory Newton of the Guitar Department of Calfornia State University, this course teaches the technique of posture and physiology as it relates to classical guitar playing...there is no music offered in this course.

Visit to learn more details about what is offered for the price given. 

Please Let me know about any online teaching resources you've tried, whether good or bad. Having access to quality online classical guitar lessons can keep interest and enthusiasm going even when things get a bit tough. 

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