Maxine Parker Classical Guitar Teacher

The Maxine Parker classical guitar rote method of instructing children has gained her a reputation as a progressive teacher of classical guitar.

The method encourages children of four years old upwards to learn to play the instrument in easy steps designed to keep the young student interested at all stages.

She has just finished writing her third reading book with two CD's, "Growing With The Guitar"

Maxine Parker's Teaching Credentials

Maxine studied at the Peabody Conservatory under

Aaron Shearer and has a Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance from Georgia State University. If that's not enough for you, she has also performed in the master classes of Jose Tomás and Pepe Romero.

Author and Teacher of Classical Guitar

As a panelist at the Classical Guitar Congress in 1989 she introduced the Maxine Parker classical guitar rote teaching method, "The Child's Guitar".

It consists of three books with cd's, one of which is a teacher's manual. The books are designed to enable very young children to progress with the help of their parents.

"Growing With The Guitar" is a more advanced method designed for children over seven years old and adults. It uses the same material as "The Child's Guitar" but with more complex music.

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