Hohner Classical Guitars

Hohner classical guitars form part of a product range that also includes harmonicas, accordians, recorders, melodicas, pianos and amplifiers. This means that Hohner are as far removed from the small workshops of the Spanish guitar makers and the individual luthiers as you can get. 

There are twelve classical guitar models in the range. They cover the whole market from small student models to full sized guitars with solid tops.

Germany Or The Far East?

I suspect that as with their fellow German manufacturers, Hofner, that some of their range is made in the far east. From their web site it's hard to tell. And having studied their literature it's not clear where any of the Hohner classical guitars are built.

I'll be doing a bit more research. As someone who likes the idea that the classical guitar is one of the few products that still gets made in the countries of origin of the particular company, whether this is Spain, Brazil, Germany or Japan I'm interested to find out.

Hohner classical guitar

Who Plays Hohner Classicals?

Do you know of any professional classical guitarists who play Hohner guitars? I'm interested to know because I find it fascinating how companies like Hohner find a market. How do they establish a niche in the market for classical guitars when we can buy reasonably priced guitars from traditional makers in Spain? Are companies like Hohner diluting the market so much that Spanish makers in particular are struggling? 

Hohner Classical Guitars 

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