Derek Day Classical Guitar

When researching classical guitar players the words Derek Day Classical Guitar kept coming up. I'd never heard of Derek Day so I thought I'd find out more. 

Professor Day


Well it turns out that he is in fact Professor Derek Day, classical guitarist and teacher. He holds three teaching posts. He's Adjunct Professor of Guitar at Mount Olive College, Mount Olive, North Carolina. He's also Adjunct Professor of Music at Southeastern College at Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Professor Day's qualifications are impressive and form a list too long to make light reading. You can get details by following the link below.

Sweet Tone And A Touch Of Jazz


The Derek Day classical guitar playing has been described as sweet toned with a superb sense of phrasing. But his solo performances are not just with classical guitar.

Professor Day is also an accomplished jazz guitarist and plays in duos along with guitarist Ned Attayek and saxophonist and journalist Owen Cordle.

No one fits better the philosophy of this site. He's a dedicated and talented teacher of guitar and clearly someone who shares his playing talent with audiences out of his love of music and not a search for fame and fortune.

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