Classical Guitar With Over 85 Decibels!

by Dr. Daniel Durán Valverde
(Santo Domingo. Dominican Rep.)

Classical Guitar With Over 85 Decibels!

I have made a 85+ decibel classical guitar with an excellent tone!

As we all know, the main handycap of classical guitars is the lack of volume. I do have a fairly good Antonio Aparicio student AA20 classical guitar, and I can compare its volume with those I have designed already.

I am a retired research biochemist, who loves classical guitar. In the last three years I have invented new method for constructing the guitar and have deposited the invention in the patent office, here in Hungary.

My classical guitar has an optimazed mechanico-acoustical transmision mechanism, very different from the actual guitars. The guitar has also an acoustically optimized body shape.

I am looking for a big manufacturer who would be intereted in the license of patent purchasing.

I know it is very difficult to believe what have been exposed here, but I ask you to help me to contact a manufacturer.

Dr. Valverde, it sounds as if you have a great new invention. Please do send us a photo of the guitar so we can publish it on this page. Good luck with your search for a guitar manufacturer to make it for you.

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Jun 11, 2014
Sorry I cant send photos of guitar!
by: Anonymous

Dear Sirs,

I am so excited about the revolutionary, qualitative slip of the invention, that I could not sleep well for the last 4 years!!!

Sorry, the invention is so simple and plane (as has to be every great invention)that anybody could easily copy it inmediatly! I am waiting for the patent to come out, to have some assurement of my authorship recognition. Then, I promise, I will show you a lot of photos of it!.

Beleave me! Acoustic guitars will not be anymore in desadventage to violins and cellos. 90 (ninety) decibels fortes are not an impossible dream, I have reach it already without great distorsion of the basic sound!

About the tone and balance: The tone ofmy forte guitar is definitely fuller and richer than the classical one and the balance is almost even in every semitone(working on itt yet but, of course, already much more balanced than the classical).

About esthetics: My forte (symphonic) guitar is little longer and slender than classical one, and resembles a real shape of an african-european woman trunk. It has f type holes, and its corps is shallower, just like the violin or cello. The back is carved and arched but the top is still flat and braced, as the classical or as the Smallman if you want.

Every one who looked at it at the first time have said it is more elegant and more sophisticated than the too wide and too decorated body of the classical guitar.

If you show me a manner of how demostrating its capabilities without risking my interests I will be grateful to know (I have no job and no pension at all, I need the forte guitar to eat and pay the bills!).

Thank you all!!

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