The "First Lady of Guitar" - Liona Boyd

by Andrea

Love this musician! I have seen her in concert 2 times but owned all of her tapes (ok, showing my age) and CDs long before that. She's played for kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers(played with them a little too). She also performs in tiny venues so you can get up close and personal. Talks to her fans, signs as many autographs as you like, and rocks at classical guitar!

I met her and chatted with her a couple times - told her I was probably her greatest fan on the planet. I was in awe of her and could hardly speak. She asked if I played. Foolishly, I said yes (mostly a self-taught-wanna-be). When she asked me what kind of guitar I had I froze... my mind raced, but I could not for the life of me remember! I blurted out something like - "it's a Tamagachi, or something" - she squinted at me a little... Lol! Later that night I realized what I had said... Tamagachi is one of thoses little cyber pets kids used to get and carry around, feeding, grooming, cleaning up cyber-poop. No, I remembered, I have a Takamini!

Most embarassing moments happen when you least expect them. And always in front of the people you would most like to impress.

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