Rozas Classical Guitar, unique, custom-built

This guitar was custom-built by Ignacio Rozas of Madrid in 1992 (#135) for Kevin Morse, a well-known US player. It has a Brazilian back and sides, spruce top and Rozas signature ebony headstock. String length is 660 mm. According to Morse, he challenged Mr. Rozas to build a guitar that was as light and powerful as his 1953 Ramirez, so this guitar is truly a unique masterpiece.

When I first picked this instrument up I was struck by how light it is, then I was amazed at it's big spanish sound - deep, ringing bass notes and bright, singing trebles. A total surprise.
Morse used this instrument in his recordings and concert in the early '90's. I was briefly his student in the mid-1990's and purchased the guitar from him at that time. I played it against numerous guitars, including Ramirez and Velasquez.
The instrument has been humidified in it's case and kept in my office since then.
About 8 years ago two openings developed in the rosewood sides so I had these repaired by a reputable luthier. Otherwise, it's in very good condition.
This instrument includes all of the 1A attributes (woods, tuners, headstock, french polish), but it's a unique collectible with its own story, and a wonderful
Price: $6,500 includes case and shipping.

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