by Levelito D. Corpuz
(Angeles City, Philippines)

Restored Classical Guitar

Restored Classical Guitar

greetings! i am a guitar enthusiast in the world of lutherie, though i have no access to special guitar building tools, because of my passion, i have build a few guitars using the most basic carpentry tools.

last year i found an old classical guitar close to being considered as firewood. It is made from Cebu City, Philippines i got interested and restored it.its not yet fully finished because i only work on my freetime.i've already started using it and it gives me great joy although it is not among the very best guitars, i like it very much.
the top was totally replaced with a soft wood( chinese poplar)and the back was torn in half. the back still needs to be scraped and finished but im eager to play so stringed it.
i happen to find this website interesting so i want to share this experience, more power to all of you and thank you for this chance to share anything..

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