Operasinger (retired)

by Steen Nordberg

After more than twenty years in different operahouses, the last Royal Danish Opera, I have taken guitarplaying up again. Almost forty years ago I owned a lovely handbuild Oscar Teller. It had a destinct and quite large tone and was easy played. It was with me for almost 10 years. However it was stolen from my car, and never recovered. After that I got an Aria, but I was never happy with it.

I stopped playing guitar, when I began to study singing.
Half a year ago I bought an Alhambra P7 with spruce top.
A very nice instrument wich I with the help of mu teacher is trying to learn to master. At my age it will take quite a long time.
I have a couple af guitars in mind I would like to play:
One from the danish Lutier Kenneth Brögger
Ramirez aniversary S master guitra
and an Antonio Aparicio Model Master

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