Masaru Kohno Guitar For Sale

by Cantoro Massimo

Model n.15 Masaru Kohno Guitar

Model n.15 Masaru Kohno Guitar

Masaru Kohno Guitar made in 1976. Model n.15, 66cm of diapason. I sell for 9000$.

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Feb 04, 2014
I would like to buy it NEW
by: David

Please contact me.
I want to buy your guitar.

Sep 06, 2013
interest to buy NEW
by: Anonymous

Do you still have kohno guitar, if yes please send me your guitar information and price to

thanks jahja

Mar 26, 2013
prices NEW
by: Anonymous

Kohnos vary widely in price. modern ones post 2005 are worth 7k to 9k - but they are not made by Masaru Kohno anymore, but his son Sakurai, since Masaru died in 1998.
Older ones tend to sound better but, and are cheaper...
the 60s models can sound as good as Fletas, Rubios and other great makers, and can be sold from anywhere from 2k to 5k depending on condition, and what the buyer at that moment wants to pay, some even sell for as high as 7k- they are absolute bargains in the classical guitar world.
the 70s models were a bit more mass produced, but still fantastic instruments (Masaru Kohnos students did most of the building), great bargains to be found at 3k to 5k
80s models were still good, but they went away from a traditional fleta-like sound and sounded more "piano" like, because Kohno went away from traditional 5 and 7 fan bracing to a semi-lattice design. some top models still featured 7 fan.
the common model 20s of the early 80s can be found from 2k up to 5k depending on condition, and usually the lower price is in online auction, as you dont get to try the instrument.
This number 15 i think could be worth between 3k and 5k - depending on the buyer and if the guitar sounds good. at any price, it is still better then many other guitars that sell for $10-20k.

Apr 16, 2012
still actual? NEW
by: Billybonns

The proposal to sell the guitar still actual?
What a model of guitar do you sell?

Jan 30, 2012
Advise needed NEW
by: Anthony

I am astounded.
I own a Masaru Khono No5 1967. In very fair condition, with the usual tell tale makes from being played.

Where would I get an honest appraisal as to what I might expect to sell it for?

Nov 25, 2011
Brilliant NEW
by: Anonymous

A Khono guitar is far and above the best classical guitar ever made. I've played $10,000 instruments from Europe and they don't come close. I have a Masuro Khono Professional model circa 1980 and there isn't a scratch or crack on it. The sound is even more brilliant than the day I bought it. The tonal clarity and brilliance ranges from bass to treble in unbelieveable balance. If you can find a Khono you will be lucky!

Jun 26, 2011
price for Khono 15
by: Anonymous

A 1982 Masaru Kohno “concert” model sold at an asking price of $$4600 (see ad below)

Apr 25, 2011
Which is the right price?
by: Max

Hello, Kohno Guy, sorry but I did not want to offend anyone with this proposal. I don't know the right price for sale this guitar. I take advice from people who know the right price.
I wonder if the guitars are priced right Damman?
Best Regards.

Mar 17, 2011
by: Kohno Guy

$9000 ??

Are you high on drugs?

Good luck with that - but don't hold your breath.

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