Konstantine Andeson - composer for guitar & others

by andy

Konstantine's CD

Konstantine's CD

Konstantine Andeson is a guitarist & composer. I like his works because he could compose such beautiful songs even when he did have formal music education. He cannot even read standard sheet music. Beside composing for guitar, he also compose other works which can be heard here:


His music is very unique because he fuses western themes with Asian melodies. Unfortunately his music is not widely available.

You can hear samples here:

His debut CD titled, "Guitar Masterpieces" took over 10 years to develope & over 1 year to record. It has been positively reviewed by here:


“Faultlessly played & beautifully recorded.” - Acoustic Magazine, UK, July 07, Pg 65

“Very nice, laid back classical guitar pieces with that expertly blend in touch of light new age.” -
20th Century Guitar, USA, Feb 07, Pg 98

I hope more people check out his music ....

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