Kenny Hill La Curva

by Philippe Bertaud
(Mansfield, Texas, USA)

The perfect combination of a refined classical concert guitar and a crossover one.($,2000)

Concert guitar made by World-wide famous guitar maker Kenny Hill, La Curva Guitar is the perfect combination of a refined
classical concert guitar and a crossover one.
La Curva is an excellent, concert grade, hand made nylon string guitar, featuring a narrower neck and cutaway.
Built in the classic style of Herman Hauser I, this model guitar has excellent clarity, projection, and beauty of sound.
The classic body shape makes it a very friendly guitar to handle and a very comfortable instrument to play.
They are wonderful for players who need extra access to the highest notes on the fingerboard; flamenco players who capo up
higher, bossa nova and jazz players
- anyone who wants the advantage and styling of a beautiful, concert-quality cutaway.

Most steel string players have never played a truly fine nylon string guitar, or if they have, the width of the classical
neck can be uncomfortable for a non-classical player.
The beauty of nylon strings is in the tone colors they produce,
and the light weight construction and finesse of building bring these colors out.

Sound board: Englemann spruce
Back & sides: Indian rosewood
Neck: Spanish cedar
Fingerboard: ebony
String length: 650mm
Tuners: Schaller

Kenny Hill is a widely recognized name in the world of
classical guitars. He operates a shop in Felton California were he builds
a catalog of several different styles and models.

Track of Jazz Guitarist Roy Patterson ( playing La Curva
Video Classical Guitarist Philippe Bertaud playing La Curva in Villa Lobos DVD

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Dec 22, 2010
by: mcgrath

What is the nut width please?

Apr 14, 2010
Image of Kenny Hill La Curva Guitar
by: Administration

Thank you for pointing out that the image supplied by the advertiser was not an actual image of the guitar put up for sale. It has been removed.

Just a side note, it's important that any images of classical guitars provided by advertisers are only original pictures, taken by the advertiser, of the actual guitar that is for sale.

In order to comply with copyright law, using images from other websites is prohibited here at the Used Classical Guitars section.

Let's consider this an honest mistake that's been corrected, and move on with the sale.

And to the seller, if you'd like to take a picture of your guitar and email it to me, at
ads (at) (remove spaces, replace (at) with @ )
I will use it to replace the previous image you provided.

A good picture of the actual guitar being sold will definitely improve your chances of selling.

Thank You,

Site Administration

Apr 13, 2010
image stolen from 12th fret website
by: copyright police

I've heard it's a compliment to copy other's work, so I'm sure, the 12th fret would be just filled with joy to know you liked their image so much you took it without permission to sell your guitar.


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