Julian Bream

by Jill Stoner

I've always admired Julian Bream and he's my favorite classical guitar player. I haven't ever seen him in concert but I've got Cds that I listen to a lot.

I don't play guitar myself but my husband does and I've always enjoyed the sound of his guitar.

My first Julian Bream Cd was "Romantic Guitar", I bought it for the title and that started my interest in this kind of music. Since then I've bought a number of his recordings and have also started to listen to other classical guitarists.

I notice that you've got John Williams on the web site, why not Julian Bream?

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Jun 21, 2010
A lot of people play the guitar, but the guitar is only played by very few
by: Philip de Castan

I was lucky in my life to have seen in live concerts, Andres Segivia, John Williams, Philip John Lee and ofcourse Julian Bream.

Julian Bream, to my humble opinion, is the one that plays the guitar as the guitar should be played. With passion!!! He felt every single note, every phrase, every stroke. Master Segovia, and Williams, are too perfect for their instrument. It is not enough to be technically
perfect. One should become one with his instrument and let the passion be expressed in love making with music. And Julian Bream is that, and more. Perfection is not of this life.This life, is passion!

Aug 17, 2007
Julian Bream will be featured soon
by: Mike Bell

Thanks for making this contribution, Jill. I will be featuring Julian Bream in the very near future. I am, however, trying to give as much exposure as possible to lesser known guitarists.

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