classical guitar

by Sasan Ahovan

Dear Sir

My name is Sasan Ahovan 25years old from Iran. I play guitar in classic and pop for 7 years but before that I learned traditional instruments like Tanboor and Setar and I'll send you pics of them. My favourite guitar players are Andre Segovia, Villa Lopos , John Wilsiams in classical guitar and I am fan of Paco De Lucia and Ottmar Liebert in flamenco and I play pieces of Armik who is an Iranian guitar player in pop and flamenco. i have never been a guitar concert because I'm in Iran it's impossible that the players such as John Williams can come to perform in Iran. But i really like to participate a concert of them. But I saw a lot of video concerts of them.
I'm gonna go to Austria in Wian to study guitar 6 months later in classic.

Sasan Ahovan

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