Brazilian Rosewood and Lattice Bellucci Concert Guitar 640mm

by Jorge Elvir
(Boca Raton, Fl)

june 2008, This is a beautyful guitar and really new!! I bought to Bellucci web site.

¨...this Brazilian rosewood is simply UNBELIEVABLE !! The sensational, and huge are 2 of the adjectives that come to mind. The set that I received from Rio is not as flashy as other sets I received in the past but my Brazilian rosewood provider insisted that I purchase this based on the fabulous tap tone. He was right. The instrument turned out to be a sensational sound machine... The most amazing basses I have ever heard accompanied by crystal clear trebles... Sensational !
The Lattice Braced Cedar top adds the magnitude, projection and sustain you'd expect from concert class instrument. A colorful Handmade Brazilian rosette, luxury marquetry and figured Brazilian rosewood, armrest, violin tie and bridge add to the beauty of this one of a kind queen. I mounted an
exclusive hand painted set of tuners that harmonize kith the incredible beauty of this guitar.¨ Bellucci website ... take a look

I conserve it in the same condition I bought... I think it´s a good instrument without big pretentions, very easy to play, good and warm sound, beautyful.

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Aug 03, 2013
Bullucci Guitar review
by: Anonymous

Terrible. Guitar looked pretty on arrival. Souns projection low. Within 3 months back had cracked in a number of places due to green woods used. Heavy polyurathane coating inside and out, Cost 2,300.00 to learn a lession the hard way. No satisfation but cursing from Bellucci. Well, it made for an expensve flowerpot. Now playing Kenny Hill Signature Cedar double top & lattice. Fantastic!

Apr 20, 2013
Belucci rosewood Lattice guitar
by: Anonymous

Is the bellucci guitar sti available lease advice
Chava Koster

Dec 12, 2012
a crap guitars start form shining woods
by: Anonymous

Really is this liuther still on business with concert guitars?? I tohught people smarter than magician bellucci.
I can tell anyone that a classic concert guitar has to be played ALWAYS before to deal.
Bellucci guitars are crap guitars dressed fancy. Like a diamond glass.

Aug 11, 2012
I am Rich Sayage and I approve this message
by: Anonymous

You think I want you to come to my shop?


If you're interested in a Bellucci Guitar, believe me, I don't want you anywhere near my shop.

At the very least, deal with any reputable American Luthier, Canadian luthier, European luthier and or Dealer. You know, those guys with an actual "Are you HAPPY with your purchase" kind of person, one with a REFUND POLICY. One who won't SPAM block you if you dare to complain about something regarding your guitar. One who won't call you an inconsiderate liar, who knows nothing of what you speak regarding a classical guitar.

OK, so moving on to a more personal note:

Renato has personally called me, in April of 2011, to ask me to take down my reviews of his "guitars" (the term is used generously). I told him that only if he issues a standard REFUND Policy to his customers, to protect those who spend their hard earned money with him. Then and only then, would I take down the reviews.

He did post a refund policy that was acceptable.

I took them down. I don't care for negativity on my site. I felt badly for him. He promised a better effort on the part of his building, his customer support and his refund policy.

A month later, I get an email from someone who needed his Bellucci repaired, and that his REFUND Policy had reverted to its old self.

I verified it, put the pages back up and will not entertain another thing from this lying purveyor of inferior instruments that he dares to classify as concert classical guitar and masterpieces and whatever other nonsense he can attach to one of his ridiculous builds.

Now..why do I go thru the effort of hammering this poor sap of a human being?

I get hate mail from people who have bought his guitars and are unhappy! Honestly...I get HIS hate mail. Why? Because they have no other recourse. He's in Paraguay! What the hell are you going to do if you disregards you, keeps your funds or charges you $400 or more to send the guitar back to him. Only to not have him be able to fix it because he's the moron who built it in the first place? REALLY? LOL

People write to me at least once a month, asking me, begging me to fix his guitars. I will not do it any longer. It is too much work.

I feel it is my responsibility to warn people that they are throwing hard earned money away.

Do not come to my shop. I beg you to not call me if you are considering a Bellucci Guitar. Please feel free to go to one of my esteemed colleagues or luthiers in the business. At least you will have the chance to get the majority of your money back if you are unhappy with your purchase.

You will not be so lucky if buy from Renato Bellucci or

Best and feel free to call me with any questions. Best...Rich 631-335-5447

Aug 11, 2012
I am Rich Sayage and I approve this message
by: Richard F. Sayage

You are always welcome to call me or ask for the official pages regarding my thoughts on Renato and

For the record, I have written proof of his changing emails to reflect a positive spin when in fact the writer of said email, a very good friend of mine who lived no less than 3 miles from me, wrote a scathing email to Renato detailing everything that was possibly wrong with this guitar. I had the guitar here in my shop. My buddy was actually nice to Renato in this scathing email. The guitar was god awful for all the reasons already detailed above.

To date, I have inspected well over 30 of his guitars, numbered in the 400 - 700 range (serial number). Every single one of them have the problems I have detailed, which you can read above in one of the other posts. I have fixed 9 of them. I will not work on them anymore. They are much too time consuming to fix, and quite frankly, the repairs should not be necessary, if a luthier knows what he is doing to begin with. I should never have to strip the front of a guitar down to the bare wood. I shouldn't have to shave braces and sound bars. I certainly shouldn't have to replace frets made for a mandolin on a classical guitar? Neck angles, string angles, are way off? Saddles are not compensated, nuts are too high, slots are too deep, woods are green, needing to be overfinished so that they don't crack, at least right away. I mean really...this is how we build a concert guitar? You want to hammer someone, don't hammer the guy who has warned you.


Jul 11, 2012
Be nice to Rich Savage or these are really crap guitars!
by: David

Rich Savage is a great guy, a good player, and very knowledgeable with classical/flamenco guitars. So leave him out of it.

The consensus on Belluci guitars is that they are well, that they are crap. Ok, that isn't so bad - what is bad is that they are advertised using such and such woods but it turns out that maybe that African Blackwood is in fact Indian Rosewood dyed to look like African Blackwood. That is unethical and a con.

If you are hell bent on getting a Belluci, why not send me your money and I will purchase a nice Yamaha that will sound better and be about 3K cheaper!

Mar 02, 2012
Bellucci guitar
by: Anonymous

I bouight a sunken redwood guitar from Bellucci - it was advertised as a concert guitar, whcih was not. It was obvious when I played it. I liked the sweet sound, but it did not have the projection, sustain, loudness,or clarity. It sounded fairly balanced and intimate, but not powerful, to say the least, with a few dead spots on the upper third sring. My expectation had to be changed - this is not a concert guitar, it's more like a parlor guitar - one you can play quietly in your living room when no one is around, not in a concert hall.

Jan 24, 2012
by: classic guitar

Hi all,

On middle 2010, I once tried to play this Bellucci guitar owned by my guitarist colleague. This is top of the line model which is cost up to 8000 US$ with ultra construction, special inlay, etc..
I must admit this is one of the worst guitar for such a high price.. The sound doesn't have a character of real concert guitar. Weak, dull, unbalanced..
The craftmanship and set up was very poor as well. The guitar was covered by thick lacquer that damps the soundboard from vibrating freely.

I tried to look at his website some months ago, and as you can see.. There is a lot of misinformation there. He said double tapa variation 1 but this is actually Da Camara construction by Ramirez guitar. He said a bad thing about french polish of shellac although most of grand master luthier prefer this type of finish because it is the best finish to enhance the sound of classical guitar.
No wonder there is no professional concert guitarist who ever wants to play his guitar on the stage.
On his blog, you could see there is Ana Vidovic and Sharon Isbin came to his house.. This doesn't mean they want to buy his guitar (just for your info). Ana still play her marvelous Jim Redgate guitar, and Isbin still play with her Michael O'Leary guitar.

Just stay away from bellucci guitar

Dec 29, 2011
bellucci guitars
by: Anonymous

Mr savage probably worked on a knock off be cause renato belucci doesnt use lacuer on his guitars. duh also the wet woods he are talking about relating to sunken logs or wet woods again are comments in in error. these logs are super presurized by over a hundred years at very deep rivers and the pressure forces all water out of the wood.Ive got a friend who has a bellucci and id give him his money back to own it if he would sell and if i could afford it.Ive also heard bellucci guitars on ebay, utube, and by renalto bellucci himself and the sound is better than great. Mr savage is leading you down the path to his guitar shop.ha ha id be weary of anything he says or makes. I personally wouldnt want one of his guitars due to his failure to make guitar that compares to a bellucci.

Oct 05, 2011
Bellucci guitar
by: Anonymous

I bought a Bellucci guitar a few months ago. I am not an experienced classical player but I thought after doing a lot of reseach that his guitars were good for the money. I didn't want to buy a 4 or 5 thousand dollar guitar and I thought a guitar in the 2 to 2.5 thousand range would make for a good student model and last me for a while. I also own a Taylor nylon string grand auditorium model which I've had the action lowered on. The Bellucci guitar came as promised. The case was a beatiful leather case. It is not a good case for protection so I bought a hard shell case for it instead. I use the leather case as a decoration in our family room (the wife likes it). Unfortuneatley, I'm not too happy with the guitar itself. I feel the open G string sounds dead. The higher notes sound very weak and tin sounding. The action seemed a little high to me so I brought it to a local luthier to have it lowered. To my surprise, the luthier said the frets were all uneven and he wouldn't touch it. He suggested I send it back to the manufacturer. I was a bit embarassed to admit I bought it from Paraguay and it wouldn't be easy to send it back. I contacted Renato Bellucci. He must have misunderstood my email because he said the guitar frets were perfect and if some one else messed up the guitar then I am blaming the wrong person. I wrote back and told him, no one touched the guitar and I'm not sure if the person was correct or not. Renato offered to recheck the guitar for me, but the shipping was going to cost me about 250 dollars - I had to pay for return shipping and insurance as well. I thought, I mind as well try to have it fixed here, since for 150 I can get the fret work done. I am now concerned after reading all of these negative reviews that the guitar may not be of good quality to begin with and maybe I shoudn't invest more money into it. Last expensive purchase I make online.

Jun 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi, I own the Belluci guitar the Brazilian model. This guitar looks so beautiful. Sad and true to say that this guitar is a piece of crap. I would like to let other players know that I play a lot of classical music and this guitar only deserves one place and that is the bin. The case is another disaster every time the case is closed it knocks on the top of this crappy guitar. I am very disappointed with this guitar in fact it should be thrown in my garage.

Nov 19, 2010
Shit guitar
by: not Renato

One day is over and i wonder why Renato has not written under another nickname to tell us all that we all has no experience.

A bad guitar with a spruce top will not get better
by playing on it.This is fact.
Spruce tops opens up by playing, this is right, but you can hear the quality immediately...

but this is the standard answer from Renato to all his customers who are not satisfied with his guitars. you can get 200 years old and play 9 hours the day ... a Belucci will stay dead..

.... the lacquer is getting thinner by cleaning it... this is absolutely ridiculous. Do you clean the guitar with sand paper or what...

once upon a time.... don´t tell us fairy tales

Nov 18, 2010
Part 5
by: Anonymous

Hey S_____,

No worries. Obviously, shipping both ways has to be paid, if you're ok with that. To give you a heads up, so you can make an informed decision, I haven't had a Bellucci guitar that has needed less than $600 worth of work, plus shipping costs. The detail is usually as follows:

1. The top and back and sides need to be scraped of the usually ridiculous amounts of lacquer and/or polyurethane (yes, he actually polys them up) that he applies to the guitars. This can take anywhere from 4 to 10 hours
* You'll notice that the inside of your guitar is also finished. This to inhibit the curing of wet and immature woods that he uses. This is what causes eventual problems with the intonation, warped necks, and poorly fitted frets.

2. The guitar then needs to be refinished. At the wood, it will probably be necessary to fill the pores again (properly) with pumice and shellac. I then apply what is usually 3 coats of high quality McFadden lacquer, where each coat is taken down by about 1/2, leaving you with about 1.4 to 1.6 actual coats of lacquer. The back and sides get 5, which reduces to 2.4 to 2.6 actual coats.

3. Usually, the saddle and the nut need to be re-cut (new). The guitar then needs to be compensated so it plays like a concert guitar should. Each piece with compensation runs about 75, thus 150 right there.
* The above usually runs 6 bills. But...

4. I found that his fret jobs are terrible. They need to be tapped back in, then reshaped, dressed and crowned. Fret jobs of this magnitude run about $100 to 200.
5. He sometimes uses mandolin fret-wire? But that's a whole other thing. A TOTAL fret job can run an additional 275, but 4 above is included in that total price.

6. He usually has warped necks. It may need to be re-humidified, heated and bent to the correct relief angle...again, we cross that when we get to it, if necessary. Figure another 50

7. Braces can be another issue, where if too thick, not allowing the guitar top to move, they need to be sculpted from the inside. We have to see it to know. This can be another 200..but hopefully unnecessary.

* Again, just so you know what may be required. It usually runs 1, 2 and 3 with 4 a distinct possibility.

o #5, 6, and 7 (from the above list) I've seen but it depends on the individual guitar.

If anyone has any doubts about what I say, I can put them in touch with at least 3 people who've had terrible experiences with Renato and then the repairs that I've done in the after-math. There are actually 9 of them now, but 3 should be enough, no :-) Again, sorry that Renato pulled another fast one on you. I have my warnings out there. I wish people would heed them. Talk soon.

Nov 18, 2010
Part 4 of the neverending story
by: Anonymous

I warn you that you will be taking a very large risk in ordering one of these instruments from Renato, where you will be subject to his own unique brand of customer service, the kind that says you are rude for insulting his work, please leave him alone as he does not wish to deal with discourteous people, don't write any more, and have no recourse, legal or otherwise, because, hey, he's in South America, which is just around the corner, no?

As of January 2010, I have now received more complaints regarding Bellucci and his guitars. This latest one I have to post, anonymously of course. I give the gentleman a breakdown of what will more than likely be required, thus my sharing. This so you know what will be required and approximate cost to fix these guitars: This is the body of the email with editing to protect identities:

An update as of mid February 2010, this guitar is now in my possession and I have started the work. The finish is bloated, it was sprayed with Polyurethane, thickly...way too thick, the guitar is finished on the inside, the neck is back-bowed, the sound is thudding at best, and the "double top" is simply 2 spruce boards, very thin, glued together. There is no bracing, just 2 sound bars around the rosette. Not a double top, per se. The woods are wet underneath the finish, causing cracking in the finish on the back especially. The guitar needs a lot of work. Here is a link to this guitar that you can read after you look at the below emails.

Nov 18, 2010
Part 3 of the story
by: Anonymous

This is not open to debate. I am a dealer, an appraiser and a player of 30+ years. I have seen many of his guitars. They have all, the ones I've seen, suffered from the above, needing help. I get complaints from all over the country regarding his guitars. Please fix mine, help! To date, as of August 12, 2009, I have now fixed 5 of these guitars, and have taken 3 times as many complaints on top of that.

Take that at face value. I have nothing to gain, and probably much to lose, but I cannot endorse these instruments. Unless I work on them, of course :-) I feel that it is my responsibility to warn others of these guitars. Someone doesn't like it....hey, I'll forward the emails I get regarding complaints to YOU.

I get the emails, I do the work, I get to sound off whenever and however I like. Consider it an official review, by a pro in the industry, which, hey.... reminds me:

Let's review:


Over finishing...very heavy lacquer on the top back and sides.

Inside lacquer finishing to inhibit the drying of....wait for it.....

Green woods

Heavy braces (though this has been improving from what I've seen lately)

Incorrect fret wire usage

Poor setups

Low and deep cut nuts

Low and radiused saddles, where the nut and saddle are creating buzzes of numerous kinds.

Back bowed necks....etc....

The best part...they sound like dead drums no matter what you do.

They need to be worked to get a legitimate sound out of them.

I had a guy who tried to cut a Sound Port into one, just to get it to sound off a bit better. It exploded in his hands as he cut it. I kid you not.

Please.....(said with thick sarcasm, yes indeedy)

Nov 18, 2010
Part 2 of the comment to Belucci
by: Anonymous

The guitar is also over-finished. I mean THICK. Look at the pictures above. The tops are not allowed to resonate and vibrate as a result. You may listen to your guitar and go, "hey, I could get this sound out of $25.00 special at Walmart", and you would be correct.

Last night, August 25th 2009, I spent an hour shaving the finish off the top of one of his other guitars, a Sinker Redwood and Brazilian guitar, serial numbered in the 570's. When I tell you how much Lacquer came away before I approached the wood, you would honestly not believe me. There is no way the guitar top could begin to move under these inhibitive conditions. Once I removed the heavy lacquer, voila, the top started resonating with light taps in and around bridge. She'll be a honey when I'm done.
Even more curious....the INSIDE of the guitar is finished. I found this on all of his guitars I've personally seen. The ONLY reason for this is ....the use of GREEN woods or young, un-dried cuts of wood, during the build. The inside finishing tends to slow down the drying process, but hey....are you listening does not stop it. Thus you will be subject to back bow, splits, cracking, etc.... Sorry....that's the way it is in the real world of luthiers. Woods must be dry...they must be cured...they cannot be wet...

Discussions with Renato on this account are fruitless. He would rather call you rude than to listen to good reason. There is very little reason for me to recommend his guitars. But it continues....

The bracings are also much too thick, requiring shaving and tapping (as mentioned above) and the finishes are much too heavily applied, not allowing the guitar to open up. The guitar's are beautiful, no doubt, but they require too much after market work, that, quite frankly, he should be overseeing himself before and after construction.
On one of the guitars, I found frets that were very thin, and realized they may have been intended for a mandolin?

Nov 18, 2010
the comment of a dealer builder
by: Anonymous

here is the original offer from the website
to a Belucci guitar with comments from the dealer.
very funny (but not for the customer)

Please see my warnings below regarding Bellucci Guitars of Paraguay.
Yes, I specifically mean Renato Bellucci of in Paraguay.
You buy a guitar from him, you will be disappointed and I mean in a big way.
Model Bellucci 2008 based on a Hauser I model
Scale 650 mm.
Top European Spruce
Sides/Back Indian Rosewood
Head Plate Indian Rosewood
Bridge Indian Rosewood
Neck Spanish Cedar with 2 ebony inserts
Fingerboard Ebony
Bracing Lattice
Sound Port Yes, bass side...see pics above
Arm Rest Yes...again, see pics
Scale length in inches 25 5/8" Nut to saddle
Nut Width 2"
Polish Front - Lacquer very heavy....see above and below for pics and info....
Polish Back and Sides - Lacquer - Much too heavily applied. Requires removal and re-application. Please see photos above. You're not supposed to be able to play jacks on your guitar!
Playability The setup (done after market) on this guitar is perfectly designed to maximize the soundboard's power and projection, while allowing for superb and easy playing. This guitar will not disappoint on any level.
Intonation Perfect. as a result of aftermarket work
Sound Warm, lyrical trebles, excellent separation, booming basses, clarity of voice is immediately apparent
Projection Extremely powerful as a result of aftermarket work
Class of guitar Concert instrument as a result of aftermarket work
This guitar has all the bells and whistles from Renato's luthier group. Sound port, arm rest, radius neck, mosaic bindings in the front, top sound woods. Of course, it all needed to be fixed in the after market to play properly, but once done, she was pretty sweet.
I went in to this guitar looking for the voice I knew was there. Shaving braces slowly and surely, the guitar started popping and tapping. Once satisfied, I strung her up and was blown away by the results. She's as good a sounding and projecting guitar as you are going to want.

Nov 18, 2010
another thread to belucci guitars
by: Anonymous

To everyone who will not believe
that Belucci guitars are trash
look at this link from a real well known trader
and guitarbuilder
if the three upper threads don´t
have change your opinion about these guitars

good luck

Johnny W.

Nov 16, 2010
Response to Anon and Markus and their identical posts
by: Joseph McSweeney

You are so passionate in your negativity toward Belluci guitars that I am beginning to feel very lucky that I have a good one. Maybe you can try purchasing a Belluci with more traditional woods and laboring through the 200 to 300 hours of play that is required to open the sound of a new instrument.
In essence, I feel my original comments from last Winter still apply. Does my Belluci sound as good as my 1971 Yairi? Honestly, the answer is no but I do feel that the Bellucci has the potential of sounding as good or even better as time passes and from the standpoint of tecnique I can do more and do it with less strain on my Bellucci.
My Bellucci is a cutaway dbl tapa lattice braced with brazilian rosewood and a tightly grained alpine spruce top. It does have the sound bouts and electronics installed form Mangore. It does require a gentle touch to avoid fret buzz and string shreek. The lacquer is thick but it has thinned with regular cleaning and use.
Being a recording engineer for the last thirty years I cannot let the allusions to shady recording and performance enhancement go though I suppose it is possible that Renato has hired extra-terrestrials to do his recordings. If anything Mangore recordings are done on the cheap and could sound better than they do.

Nov 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hello Friends,

look at these webpages and find your own opinion about this guitars.;f=7;t=006987

All threads are negative for these guitars.

Here is my comment from the first link above and there is nothing more for me to say:

Hello everyone,

i am from Germany

first of all : sorry for my bad english from my school time.

I bought half a year ago a Bellucci guitar used. The description was very tempting. Double top like a Smallmann, Armrest, Aosta Valley spruce like stradivari violins. Sound ports in the sides, African Blackwood, high end tuning machines etc. Price new was by price list mangore
about 4300 Dollars.
The guitar arrived and I must say:
It was the worst guitar I played in my entire life.
The sound was very modest and flat. No sound duration, Sustain and blunt heights with very weak basses. Terrible. The mechanics looked very good on the photos at and they slide through at many dead points.
The sound was very quiet and the lacquer was very thick.
Check out the sound samples of for example Asturias played by Renato and judge yourself if this is a exceptionel guitarist who went to school by the great names of the concert guitar like descriped in his vita. His technique and interpretation is very lousy and shows only his amateurish playing . The sound is not so bad because of the recording, the guitars listen really so weak like that. Go and you do yourself a favor and don´t buy this scrap for much money.

I think Mr. Belucci will write soon back under another nickname and tell us all how good his guitars are. So he always does in more forums all over the world. On his homepage you will find about 150 Guitars build his own masterhands each year in his galleries.... does he think we are all idiots ??... think it over
At this time the guitar is in Ebay Germany fpr sale. Please dont buy it .

greatings Markus

May 11, 2010
My Bellucci is 6 stars
by: Anonymous

After I had "played in" my Bellucci, it exceeded expectations in every respect.. 6 stars from me.

Apr 18, 2010
Belucci guitars
by: Pablo34

Mr/Ms. anonymous, have you ever owned a Belucci guitar. I guess not. Don't make such statements simply parroting other people, who probably don't even know who Segovia was.

Apr 13, 2010
by: Joseph McSweeney

I'm not anonymous. No one paid me to write my comment. How could this be advertising? I've had my Bellucci for 3 weeks. I bought it to play and it is living up to the hopes I had when I made the purchase. Telling someone to check online is like saying look it up in the bible.

Apr 12, 2010
false advertisement
by: Anonymous

Check online .These have a very bad reputation.

Mar 11, 2010
Be fair to Bellucci Guitars
by: Joseph McSweeney

I have just purchased a Bellucci and I have every confidence that I will be satisfied because I know guitars and I don't have false expectations. The reviews for these guitars do run to the extremes. The negative reviews tend to be particularly vitrious. Bellucci guitars are an ongoing creative exploration. I expect there have been some failures that deserve a bad review probably most of these come from customised orders which have been and always will be an expensive game of craps no matter who makes the guitar.
Another issue is that a good player can make a cheap guitar sound pretty good and the opposite is also true. I started playing cheap steel and electric guitars when I had a paper route. I destroyed a guitar once a year because of my passion for using extra heavy strings (no longer sold in most stores). I'm glad I burned through that passion before I started playing classical in my mid twenties.
Bellucci guitars provide quality materials and are assembled with a unique and attentive passion for the instrument. They are not made by one person using his total dedication and skill hand rubbing two hundred coats of lacquer to perfection. They do not cost 15 to 30.000+. If you buy one of the ready to ship masterworks you can save yourself thousands of dollars and you can hear the instrument played before purchasing. If you are dissatisfied just remember it's always been a game of dice.

Feb 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

these guitars are crap.Check any reputable guitar site.Caution.

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