1973 Classical Hand Made Guitar by Manouk Papazian For Sale - $6,500 or Best Offer!

1973 Classical Hand Made Guitar by Manouk Papazian

1973 Classical Hand Made Guitar by Manouk Papazian

This is a beautiful classical guitar made in 1973 by hand by the master guitar maker Manouk Papazian.

This guitar is in near mint condition and comes in a hard shell case. This guitar was purchased by the original owner directly from Manouk Papazian at his house in Stuyvesant town in NYC in 1979.

Papazian selected the guitar for the owner and said that this was of "the highest quality". This master guitar maker produced an estimated 400 guitars in his lifetime. This is a very rare guitar. Papazian’s name appears in the Rosette. Papazian used this technique to denote the highest quality instruments.

The guitar is made of Brazilian rosewood for the back and sides. It has a German spruce top with a figured top and an Ebony fingerboard. This is truly an unbelievable instrument. It has never been repaired or damaged in any away except for a cosmetic touch up. Papazian himself repaired the finish in the face of the guitar in 1980.

According to the owner, The guitar has a beautiful sweet sound. This guitar has been used in concert halls and has a very clear sound that can be heard throughout the hall. An outstanding instrument and one that is a must have for any serious classical guitar player.

Asking $6,500.00 or best offer.

Please contact me at MWMPT2003@yahoo.com.

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Oct 22, 2012
Papazian guitar for sale
by: Chhip Ward

I have a 1963 Manouk Papazian guitar that I must sell because of health reasons. Anyone interested in the instrument which is in excellent condition can contact me at chipnkay6@hotmail.com or at 912-571-6017

Oct 02, 2010
Very early Papazian could be for sale
by: Bill Barber

As stated some time ago I have a Papazian classical guitar bought in 1958. It now has a crack in the back but still has incredible sound
and is an historical instrument. Any one interested: Billbar3 (at) comcast.net

Oct 01, 2010
I bought this guitar...
by: david

...and it is lovely. Very sweet sound, good separation, easy to play, spectacular BR back and sides.

Jun 26, 2010
owning a Papazian guitar
by: Bill Barber, MA

I bought one of the first from Manouk at Noah Wolf's srore (thanks to Seeger and Sing Out!) back
in 1959 as a college freshman. I fell in love with all of its beautiful features and have had many happy hours since 'though I no longer play
much. I was alerted to the treasure I had found by nearly sheer luck by an instructor I had briefly, at age 33 or so, who exclaimed "It's a
Papazian!" on seeing the label inside......The master himself repaired a crack in the back in the 1980s, much to my relief. No one should miss the opportunity to own one for the sound, the playing qualities and the truly beautiful sound.

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