1969 Ramirez Heelmarked IM for trade

by Zachary Bravos
(Wheaton, Illinois)

Okay - I admit it. I am 60 years old and getting around the 664mm scale on the old Ramirez is getting a little tough. I would like to trade for a newer 650mm Ramirez spruce top. The '69 is amazing with well-balanced tone up and down the neck, the bell-like trebles that you expect, and that gorgeous Spanish sound that the Ramirez guitars from this era are famous for. IM = Ignacio Manzano Rojas. Do not even ask me to sell it for money. This is a trade only. An exceptional guitar for an exceptional guitar. Local only - I need to play your guitar.

Zachary M. Bravos
Wheaton, Illinois
630 510 1300
Email: Zackb@aol.com

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Jun 12, 2014
guitar for trade NEW
by: david

If you still have the ramirez i have a 640mm scale spruce madagascan back and sides to trade. It was made as one of three 25th anniversary special guitars by luthier stephen hill in 2010. His standard 1a instruments are now over £5000 gbp. It has two scoops, one in the upper bout under the fretboard to give easy access to the highest frets and the other where the arm would rest to promote ease of playability and a more ergonomic position. This guitar is very very easy to play. I have owned a ramirez centenario and can say that this guitar meets the standard. Let me know if you are interested at davidabb@gmail.com

Jul 17, 2012
Keep It, You Will Never be Sorry! NEW
by: FSB

I share your warm opinion. I bought a 1969 Ramairz 1A, also 'heel-marked': "IM". My interior is cypress lined; back and sides are straight grained Brazilian rosewood. The anterior of the neck is reinforced with an ebony strip. The top is straight grained cedar. Oh, I am the original owner, and NOBODY touches it w/o my permission.

I always chuckle at the unwarranted criticism directed against the Ramirez company; and against the 1A in particular. Every professional performer who has ever played by guitar at a Master Class has been duly impressed. In my estimation, the critics are non-performers and no-musicians who know nothing about guitar, and very little about music. You can always 'wither' these critics by asking them to recite the 4 notes that comprise a CMaj7 chord. They always flunk!!

Special Note: The straight grain rosewood always prompts the special ire of the so-called 'critics'. They prefer flame grain. Apparently, they want to use it as a coffee table. I restrict my Ramirez to use as a musical instrument. I have other places to set my coffee. I stress tone versus 'taste'? They NEVER learn what is important!!

Sorry to hear that you must unload your irreplaceable 1a "IM". Instead, why don't you buy a modern 650 scale, such as a Cordoba or Alhambra or similar factory-made instrument. I added a Cordoba 55R spruce top to my collection.

If you trade, the exchange will always be unequal. And, if you trade it, you will suffer remorse. You'll NEVER regret keeping it!!!

May 20, 2011
Ramirez 650mm scale - 4E
by: Ken Chance

Hi - I have a 2005 Ramirez 4E in splendid condition. It sounds marvelous - very sweet tones, especially treble. I would be happy to bring it to you if you would consider a trade. I actually prefer the longer scale length such as you have on your 1969.


May 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

i have a 664 but it's easy to play - from 1973. would you be interested in trading?

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